Today is Requiem’s sixth birthday. One thousand, seven hundred and seventy comics (not including intro pieces and such).

Heck, just saying it sounds surreal.

Things are still on track creatively, and hardware-wise as well.  The new system has been absolutely wonderful so far (Thanks to everyone who helped out once again 🙂 ).  The only thing is, I have a tendency to push things as hard as I can, and now I’ve gotten into the habit of slamming as much stuff as I can into a scene just for the hell of it now 😉  And lemme tell ya, it is a great problem to have 🙂  Since the upgrade, we’ve been constantly running a month ahead (buffer-wise) which is definitely a new experience for us.

The other thing that has changed is our ability to have more people in a scene before memory issues kill us.  In addition, we’ve also taken the opportunity to expand a lot of the sets we’ve used (the reconstituted Sapphire you are in now is one example).

As for the future, I hope like hell to finally get Book 2 finished, as well as flesh out/resume some other external projects.  And of course, we will be answering mysteries along the way.  Also a lot of work on the followup comics to Requiem is done as well. The way things are shaping up for the followups…things are in some ways actually darker than Requiem is (which kinda screws with my head a bit)

Anywho….Thanks to everyone who stops in and reads this little story.  I wish you all the best, and I promise that this will get finished.

It just may take a while 😉