Appearances and Guest Work:

Renderosity An interview we did for the Renderosity Art Community (which is also the home of “Tunnelrunners”)

Summer of Keenspace (Our first event participation. This one features a picture of our very own Jessica Tindal)

KeenSwim (One of the few events that we actually have a chance to participate in. You can find our entry here)

Requiem burns up so dang much time overall that we rarely get to contribute guest art to other comics at all. It was very nice though, when a friend of ours (Chelsea Gaither, of The Blue Skunk, which is linked below) put out the call for some guest art and something immediately popped into our head. At any rate, you can find the piece here

Built in Carrara 5, character design in Poser 6 and imported in. I think it came together quite well…and defintely demonstrates what I have jokingly referred to as our reflection fetish

Thanks for having us

Our friends over at The Floating Lightbulb  Webcomic blog interviewed us as part of their Shotgun Interview series, the interview is readable right HERE

Oh, Requiem got reviewed a while back.  You can read it over at TANGENTS Reviews.

And we did some guest artwork for one of our favorite comics “What it Takes”.  You can find it at Kez’s Guest Art page HERE

Comic Links:

Gunnerkrigg Court (One of the best comics on the web. Flat out, no question about it. Great art, great story, great setting. IT. FUCKING. RULES. END. OF. STORY.)

Something Positive (Before S*P I didn’t even know that there were webcomics. This is the comic that got me hooked.)

Metanoia (One of my favorites. It is part biblical allegory, dark fantasy, gothic crime novel and just all around damn good. Artistically it reminds me of a cross between James O’Barr and Geoff Darrow (specifically the artwork he did for “Hard Looks” and “Another Chance to Get it Right”) and is visually and emotionally stunning.) This is also the first comic that I ever did fan art for.

Subnormality (I always have a tendency to forget about this comic, rediscover it about 6 months later, and then realize just how cool the thing really is.  Give this one a shot, it is probably one of the most intelligent comics out there. )

OGLAF: Dirty, and incredibly funny.  So NSFW, and one of my favorite strips running currently.  Updates every Sunday.

What it Takes: An excellent post-apocalyptic webcomic from the Mighty Kez.  Cool art, and a great heroine.  And yes, I did say heroine   It just started up, so you can get in on this one on the ground floor.

Two Lumps: A cat comic.  And unlike Garfield, a good cat comic.

Marry Me:  I’ve gotten hooked on this thing.  And it is sweet, and sometimes silly…but I like it.

Gone With The Blastwave: Another post apocalyptic comic.  Updates very sporadically.  Very clever piece of work.

Dragon Girl Noriko: I’m lucky enough to be able to help out on this one