Taioiseach Ian Caladharas

Head of Caladharas house, widower, and exhausted young man.

Ishara The Dragon

Ishara is one of the Ancients, a survivor of the civilization that came before the Houses reached this world.

Targeter Timurilang

Targeter is the head of the one of the most important PMC’s in the world, and a close personal friend to many of the people in the cast.  It was the last thing she ever expected to happen…and she’s pretty damn glad it did.

Adah Calime Timurilang

Sole Survivor of the Starfall Epidemic and the newest member of Miko’s family.  In her previous incarnation, she was ‘The Walker’, one of the Ancients who survived the previous civilization, and helped lay the ground work for a new one.

Miko Timurilang

Miko is the biological sister of “Targeter”. She is a hyper inquisitive woman who serves as Chief of Intelligence in Targeter’s Company, a PMC that is one of the survivors of ‘The Event’

Jazz Crane

Current manager of the Wells Hotel Maris. Born Amanda King she was one of the ‘Second Wave’ of immortals who was saved by Dumuzi due to being the inventor of the microprocessor…and was intimately involved with the Great Grandfather of Julia Wells Caladharas