1. What the hell is Requiem?

Back in 1987, I had became bored with the traditional AD&D worlds (Greyhawk, The Realms, Krynn) and yearned to create something original. At the time I had recently re seen the Mad Max trilogy and it dawned on me to try an experiment with something post apocalyptic. Also I had been recently corrupted by exposure to the Lankhmar sourcebook and supplements, the first edition of Cyberpunk, and book 1 of Stephen Kings Dark Tower. At the time I decide to undertake the ambitious task of merging these disparate influences into one coherent campaign setting.
I toyed with this for about a year and a half until in early 1989, I began to work in earnest, juggling the work between high school (freshman year) and a budding social life. By the beginning of the ’90-’91 school year, I had the framework laid down. It was time for the fleshing out of a world that had slowly begun to enthrall me. With a disparate group of people I fleshed out much of the later history of this world, setting my campaigns approximately 1000 years after the end of the modern civilization that resided on this world.
Now it’s 2010. Most of the original players in that world had lost track of one another and had moved on in their lives. Gaming interests had shifted with the advent of Web RPG’s and our interest in the White Wolfsystem. Hell, TSR doesn’t even exist as an independent entity anymore,having been absorbed by Wizards of the Coast. In WW I found thatI had finally found my niche, and discovered a system that successfully addressed every grievance I had ever had with the d20 system. Still this world I had created had never really escaped my mind. Over time though, I became curious as to what led up to the end of everything, and as I figured out more about what happened in this world, I decided to begin chronicling it in a different way.
“Requiem” is the result of those questions, and through it I hope to find the answers.

2. How is it produced?

Originally Requiem was being done with Poser 6, Bryce 5 and 5.5c, 3d Studio Max, Various pieces of CADCAM software, and DAZ Studio.
And what of the future? I was looking a lot at Pandromeda Software’s Mojoworld due to it’s incredible world building capabilities and its excellent Poser support …including support for strand based dynamic hair. The problem is that it is all but abandoned these days by it’s own manufacturer now (and is only a 32 bit App with no sign of a 64 bit version ever coming). Currently, we’re on Carrara 7.2/Transposer and Poser 7 and Poser 6. Fireworks and Irfanview are our image optimizers/layout tools of choice.
As for the computer? Most of Requiem started outbeing composed on an HPzd7000 Pavilion desktop (named Silver) replacement laptop equipped with a 3.06ghz Northwood core P4, 2 gigs of RAM, and a 128 meg Nvidia chipset for a graphic card. It has since been retired, and after all of the countries/cities I’ve carried that thing around in doing comics with it, I am thinking about having it bronzed.
Our second rig was a Gateway laptop equipped with 2 gigs of RAM and 160gb hard drive (named SAL9000). I have no idea how that beast kept running through the punishment I threw at it. One person out on the web said that my computer “had to be powered off of human souls”, and at times I’ve wondered if that might have been accurate.
Currently, we’re running on a 2.8ghz i7 system with 16 gigs of RAM and 2 Terabytes of storage . I recently migrated my hardware to a new case (Corsair Carbide 500R) with a new CPU cooler, and additional fans. I also upgraded the graphics card to a Nvidia GTX560 Windforce graphics card with a 750W Thermaltake power supply. I love living in the 21st century

And where do we stand now?

In March of 2013 we upgraded again to an i7 3770 at 3.4ghz with 32 gigs of RAM on a Z77 Sabretooth board. The case is the same, but we did upgarde to a GTX 660 Ti 2GB card and H80i water cooler for the CPU. The PS is also a Corsair, an AX750 to be exact.  It rocks my socks 🙂


3. When is it updated?

Requiem went to a daily schedule back in September of our first year (back when we were still on Keenspace) We maintained our daily schedule when we went over to SpiderForest in August of 2005. There is no plan on changing that.
The Tunnelrunners was done on a weekly basis for Renderosity, and issues of that show up here soon after it makes its appearance there. Currently it is on hiatus.

4. Where the hell is everybody at?

I finally got my notes together and put together a map of the main continent of this world. So far all of the action has been taking place here. You can check out the map by clicking here.