Julia Wells (Caladharas)

Julia Wells, significant other of Ian Caladharas. Julia co runs the Wells Hotel in Erech’s Clocktower District. For those people who have rpg’d in this world: The Wells Hotel is now known as Cytheron’s. Julia and Ian tied the knot in the City of Greyrest in the Crossing Territories.

Geoff Marshall

Computer Hacker, techie, and member of the Explorers Guild.

Michael Delevan


Little Bit is a 22 year old student teacher, and watchmen at the Great Library under the city.

Ray McGregor

One of Ian’s best friends. Another Tunnelrunner from the Erech Municipitality, he is also the on again/maybe boyfriend of Moira Gabriel. He is also one of the leading characters in “The Tunnelrunners.”


Targeter’s son and future leader to be of her mercenary corp. Sarcastic and highly intelligent, he possess’ a highly direct manner that has been known to get him in trouble on occasion.


Lana is one of Targeter’s adopted daughters.

Darnell Wallace

Darnell Wallace is a college student from the city of River Crossing. He was enlisted by his father to help drum up support for the independence movement in the Territories. Against his better judgment, he went along with his fathers wishes. Now, in the middle of a rebellion he is doing his best to figure out something else: What comes after.

Vance Greylock

Rancher, and one of the leaders of the River Crossing rebellion.


Glass is a Threllichock pilot and investigator for House Caladharas. His Threllichock name is unpronounceable to human kind: his human handle comes from his crystalline talons (A rare birth defect among his people, they are considered a mark of ill omen)

Jocelyn Grace

Jocelyn Grace, confidant, co-conspirator, and on again/off again lover of Kira Dawn. Grace is a specialist in the creation of false identities.


Aya, one of the ancients. Makes her first appearance during “The Interrogation” of Jauna Mekhet.

Frank Gallagher

Architect, and companion to Aya.

Olivia Wells

Co-Owner of the Wells Hotel and mother of Julia Wells.


Taioseach Marcus Vale

Marcus Vale was the chief architect of the “Hospitality Accords” which helped end the House War. Before he became Taioseach (after the assassination of most of his family) Marcus was an Astronomer and Archivist on the “Crystal One” project.


Markers Vale Base Commander


One of the chief researchers who was involved in the “Crystal One” project. These days he serves as an adviser to the Taioseach Vale and helps interpret the data that “Crystal One” has sent back.

Connie Marks

Connie Marks, general practitioner and watcher. Her, and her teams watch over the ancient known as “The Dweller.” They make sure his needs are provided for…and record his prophesies.

Nancy Baker

Regional Assistance Chairman for the Municipitality of Pirogin.

Taioseach Hakon BlackAxe

Hakon BlackAxe is a highly placed member of the BlackAxe branch of House Delusarnan. Hakon was romantically involved with Theresa Quinlan for a number of years before she became bodyguard to the Taoiseach.