Thorondor Ian Caladharas

Thorondor “Ian” Caladharas is the 18 year old heir to one of the first of the Merchant Houses. An intelligent, independent teenager; Ian has a tendency towards irreverence and and frustration. In all honesty, he doesn’t care what his grandfather says he is heir to, he just wants to have a normal life. Or at least as normal a one as possible. (As my skills improved I made some revamps to this characters appearance to reflect aging and such as well. The top picture is how he is currently modeled. )

Ena MacSwain

Ena MacSwain, Intelligence Undersecretary, Field Operative, and Protection Specialist for House Mebhe.

Professor Clarence Gage

House Tindal. Physicist, Head of the Crystal One development team and all around curious man. A late term cancer patient, Dr. Gage heads out to Bellisarius Territory to settle his own curiosity about some flaws in the eyewitness reports. He now finds himself spending the last days of his life with his reformed team of Crystal One scientists in an attempt to prevent the literal end of the world.


This lady (who chooses to remain nameless) is professional assassin who hails from the city of Naglorond. She does most of her work for private citizens since the end of the House Wars, where she was responsible for the deaths of a number of House personnel. The handle she is currently using is “Targeter” All that is known about her so far is that she was a child prostitute in Naglorond who killed her way out of the business , and decided to never put her fate in the hands of another ever again.

Dana McAllen

Dana McAllen is a member of the urban exploration association that is currently investigating remnants of the worlds previous civilization. She initially made her debut in the Tunnelrunners side comic.


Ishara is one of the Ancients….and is the lady who assisted the Deep Scaled People against the Khurshid.


Miko is the biological sister of “Targeter”. She is a hyper inquisitive woman who serves as Chief of Intelligence in Targeter’s Company

Aileana Noels

Scientist, and companion of Ishara. Part of the second wave of immortals, her life was extended by Dumuzi due to her scientific achievements.


Educational General Academic Research Unit aka “Edgar” is part of the first production line of non-limited Artificial Intelligence’s. He is currently one of the House Tindal researchers, and is Professor Gage’s second-in-command. Also one of the members of the Crystal One development team.

Kathleen Adair

Kathleen Adair, Theoretical Physicist and childhood friend of Hakon BlackAxe. Best friend of Clarence Gage, and primary member of the Crystal One team.

Theresa Quinlan

Special Operative for House Delusarnan.

The Dweller

The Dweller. Prophet. Statistician. Sometimes madman. It is unclear, even to himself, whether he is seeing the future or calculating probabilities better than the fastest computer in existence. Needless to say, The Dweller knows things, often before they happen.

Laura McAllen

Laura McAllen is former archivist for House Caladharas and is now a university professor, and the mother of Dana McAllen. She is also a long time explorer…and Julia Well’s fifth grade teacher.

Amena Caladharas

Amena Caladharas. Born 6519. Amena (which means “honest woman” in gaelic), is the daughter of Thorongil Caladharas. She was killed back during the first House War in the year 6547. She was 28 years old when she became pregnant with her only child Thorondor Ian Caladharas, and died due to injuries sustained in the Sombra Bombing when Ian was a month old.


Illitock is the personal counselor to Jessica Tindal. Illitock is a member of an insectoid race called the Threllichock (at least as close as we can pronounce it). The Threllichock are the newest race to achieve full sentience and come from a society that was a communal hive. Approximately 7000 years ago, members of the race began to appear that were not members of the hive mind. More anomalies began to appear as the decades rolled on, and citizens like Illitock have begun to be fully integrated into House society. Several of them are now in highly placed positions throughout House society.

Lady of Still Water Lake

The Lady of Still Water Lake is the mother of Cassie Greylock.

The Dusk Angel “Calliel”

Moira Gabriel

Tunnelrunner extraordinaire An all around tough lady who doesn’t feel quite safe unless she has a couple of million tons of rock overhead. No one has ever had the guts to ask her why. She is also one of the leading characters in “The Tunnelrunners.”

Reid Wallace

Reid Wallace is a saddleman and businessman in the City of River Crossing. He is also the father of Darnell Wallace. A former gunfighter who made good…Reid is beginning to think that he is a little too old to take up his revolvers again;)

Melinda Burns

Julia’s best friend. Religion: “Practicing Cynic”. Her father is an Erech City Guard Captain.


Ekur, Immortal, and surrogate father to The Dweller. Creator of Ars Memorativa, the art of mind and memory storage.

Lisa Donnelly

Lisa Donnelly is the first apprentice The Dweller took once he rejoined the world, and is a lot closer to him than most people think.

Jonathan Delrain

Jonathan Delrain is the head of Targeter’s Eastern Operation Division

Taioseach Jessica Tindal

Jessica Tindal is the new appointed head of House Tindal. Jessica is 33 years old and spent a number of years as a professional musician (Bard) before being chosen for leadership.

Arthur ben Yaakov

Arthur is the chief pilot for Thorongil Caladharas. The grandson of an Essenian holy man, Arthur in his spare time is a student of old myths and legends dating back to the time of the first voyage. He also has the habit of traveling barefoot where ever he goes. Much to the consternation of his companions he never shows any discomfort by doing so.


Miko’s daughter. She runs her own intelligence network in the Delusarnan and Iyesta Territories.

Jauna Mekhet

Jauna Mekhet started her life as an uncertain student. Obsessed with answers to the types of questions that normally don’t get answered until you die, she began looking. Her search led her to Calliel, who she has been a student/companion of for over twenty years.

Abigail Aisling Caladharas

Long vanished daughter of Thorongil Caladharas, Abigail is part of the second wave of Immortals.

Peter Wright

Significant other of Abigail Caladharas, and second wave Immortal.

Daniel McGowan

Daniel McGowan is one of the senior intelligence personnel for House Tindal. A very good man to have in your corner…but you have to earn the right to trust him.

Professor Isaac Gianno

University of Erech scientist. Famous for the discovery of ‘the Marker’

James Thalim

James Thalim. Physicist. Member of the Crystal One project.

Michelle Erlandson

Founder of the Still Water Lake people.

Esther Park

Esther Park is one of the members of Targeter’s Eastern Division.

Matt Vance

old comrade of Clarence Gage.

Mr. Dehane

Trouble Incarnate.


Regan ‘Rags’ Vance

Cassie Greylock

Cassie Greylock is the daughter, and only child of Vance Greylock.

Grey of the “Deep Scaled People”

Grey of the “Deep Scaled People”. Grey was one of the explorers of his people who accidentally broke through the bottom of a Threllichock hive. As soon as he discovered that he had mistakenly invaded another’s domain, he pulled his explorers out and away. His quick thinking led the Threllichock to not attack his people as a “threat to the hive”. Relations have been steadily improving ever since.

Taioseach Moira Mebhe

Moira Mebhe is Taioseach of the House of the same name. Originally based out of Amonson-Lancaster City, most of her House was wiped out in the nuclear incident that devastated the island.

Lindahg Whiteclaw

Tereg member of House Mebhe


Jeremy Haas

Jeremy Haas, cosmologist. Creator of the Haas Deep Space observatory. One of the members of the original Crystal One development team with Clarence Gage,Edgar, Kathleen Adair, and James Thalim.


Pilot for House Caladharas


Molly Walsh

One of the senior members of Targeter’s Corp.

Nancy Scott

Nancy Scott is one of the heads of the Ranchers Association Militia based in the River Crossing Territories. Close friends with Vance Greylock, and there has been some dispute amongst the locals on just how close.

Taioseach Stephanie Monroe

Taoiseach Stephanie Monroe, of House Monroe. Younger sister of Siobhain Monroe

Aidan Trask

Assistant to Julia Wells at the Wells Hotel, Erech.

Taioseach Zerus

Taioseach Stephen Zerus, grandson of Keighvin. Current leader of House Zerus

Grace Kincaid

Grace Kincaid, executive assistant to Taoiseach Caladharas.

Hive Mother

Northern Threllichock Hive Mother…

Jennifer Collins

Jennifer Collins is a physicist at the University of Erech and a contact of Clarence Gage’s. She is one of the heads of the particle research project there, and one of the first to discover the changes in the fine structure constant.

Tabitha Corso


 Adah Wynant

Sole survivor of the Starfall plague outbreak, and newest member of Miko’s family.

Benjamin Gilman

Member of the Maris Islands intelligence community.


Mr. Gilman’s Second-In-Command