And…we’re back.

It’s been a fun last couple of weeks, let me tell you.

The timeline:

Over the last month, I’ve had a family member who was suffering from a severe cold/flu and I ended up getting influenza from him.  I’ve spent most of the last few weeks down with it until this last week or so.  And no, it wasn’t this low rent Captain Trips that’s been sweeping the world.  It was the actual flu (judging by how many times I blew my nose and how much junk I coughed up in the process) 🙁

Anyway, I get off work on 3/13, come home with a bunch of cold medicine, and get settled in to nurse myself back to health over the weekend…and the entire world goes fucking nuts.

Right now, I’m up to 90% again. Still got a little sinus congestion going, and the attendant coughing that comes with it occasionally…but overall I’m good.  Due to my day gig, I’m actually considered an essential employee in my state, so I’ve been at work and on the road going from job site to construction site. The world has gotten real goddamn surreal in my neck of the woods.

But I’m back, my household is fine, and we’ve been all laying low over here due to…well…you all know why. God knows how long my work will continue, we’ve been pretty busy throughout all of this, but I’ve been looking at all of this a day at a time since it all began.

Anyway, we’re back…and our path towards the end of the world is progressing once again. Which definitely feels more than a little weird with what all has been happening…

…but we won’t let a little thing like that stop us, will we?

All the best to you all, stay safe, and thanks for putting up with this rotten, rambling little story 😉