Hello sinners.

God, a lot of things going on right now, isn’t there?

Okay…you may notice a new banner above the comic. Clicking on it will take you to something long promised.


The Volume 1 proof copy arrived in the mail for me today, and I am definitely happy. But it is available, after long last, and I am even still alive to see it 😉

oh…and another thing, due to the way this section of the storyline is, there will be comics on Saturday and Sunday this week. That’s right, the first 7 day week for us in a while. Saturday and Sunday comics are already done and uploaded…and I have to give you all a little warning in advance:

THEY ARE SOOOOOOOO NSFW. They are necessary with what’s going on, but they are definitely NSFW.

Just though I’d give you the heads up, and I’ll say something about the weekend comics as well on Friday as a reminder to you all.