This is the first comic done with the new system and software upgrades.  For the 3d people out there in the audience: Requiem is currently being composed on Carrara 7.2 with the Transposer Plugin. (Tied in to Poser 6/with Poser 7 for scene composition.)  Comics are assembled with dialogue panels in Fireworks CS3.

System-wise, we are currently on a 2.8ghz, core i7 system with 8gbs of RAM and 2 Terabytes of storage.  As for the OS, we are humming along on Windows 7 Professional 64bit.  As for 7?  I absolutely love it.  It definitely makes up for the Vista debacle.  It’s fast as hell, smooth as hell, and once the initial adjustment period is over, it’s pretty easy to use.

The only thing I wish right now is that I could actually show these comics at their full print resolution.  They look incredible these days.