For the first time in the five years that this comic has been running , I’m doing a donation drive.

Let me explain, right now I am in desperate need of a computer hardware upgrade.  For the last few years, I have been doing Requiem on a Gateway laptop, which is in urgent need of an upgrade.  Because of it’s age, I am still stuck on a 160gb hard drive, and because of the age of the tech, there is no way to even upgrade it, and because of the files needed to do these comics, pulling anything off is not an option.  Heck, right now, after pulling off everything I can, I can barely even defrag the thing.

What my plan is, is to get a good bare bones system for the comic, and with your help, get into this century.  I will be doing artwork and wallpapers for anyone who donates, and I will try to put together some special stuff for you as well.

So, I’m hoping for your help.  I’m putting together cash for this on my end as well….and between myself, and all of you readers out there, I hope to make it happen.