I finally managed to get the rotating image header back, and working over here!!!

It was a feature of the previous iteration of the site, and showed a different image every time the page was reloaded.  It was one of my favorite things about the site actually, and it was fun for me to put up little micro pieces of art for people to see.

I did a lot of digging around and found this http://wpimagerotator.com/ It is an image rotator for the header, and comes in a paid version, and a freebie version that is GPL’d.  The paid version is only $2 and can use an unlimited number of pictures and allows you to customize when the image changes.  I went with the paid one, and after I got done tweaking the CSS for the Comicpress theme I am using (which involved commenting out the header image url line from my CSS for the site), it is up and running.

So you all will be in for a few changes over the next couple of days.  We have 6 different headers loaded now, and more will be coming 🙂