And here we are in the The Walkers little bolthole…and we bring you an updated Ian Caladharas to boot.

This latest chapter of the comic had really kicked me in the gut as to how many limitations the old Ian model had.  So, our boy got upgraded over the last few weeks.  And as usual, nothing was compatible between the old version and the new…so we had to go in by hand and rebuild him on a higher poly framework with a model that didn’t even have the parameters to get certain things 1 to 1.

Hell, there is an import of the new model into Carrara where the eyes ended up being twice the size that will never see the light of day.  Trust me, it was bad, but in the end we got this new version sorted out.  Now we have better posing, better expression handling, and a much more expansive wardrobe.  He looks a little different, but I think he looks like he’s grown up. The face is no longer so angular, and the hair looks a lot better as well.  He’s as close to the original as I could get him…and he’s on a framework that will let me carry him into the future as well.