Let me introduce you to Miko 2.0

As for why the change happened?  Trust me, it was necessary.

Originally Miko was created from the original Judy model that came with Poser. It was a decent model…but over time it suffered from bitrot, had some versions partially corrupted due to a hard drive crash years ago, and sadly started looking more and more primitive as the rest of the characters started looking better due to the tech improving.

I resisted changing the model for a long time because, hey, it’s MIKO.¬† She’s one of, what I consider, to be the biggest characters in the comic.¬† She’s a goddamn monolith.¬† But then one day, the eyes broke on the Miko character model (and I was no longer able to move them or even blink) and I knew that it was time to improve her.

This version is built in V4 and was the result of a lot of field work before hand.¬† A few months back, I converted an Aiko 3 to an Aiko 4 model for Dragon Girl Noriko (Anna Lockheart)…and a lot of what I learned about scaling and such went into building this new version.¬† And like Anna 2.0…damn near nothing is compatible between Judy and Victoria 4.¬† So everything was done by scratch.¬† Amazingly enough, the hair model I used for Miko 1.0 is actually scaleable and compatible with V4…so I lucked out in that respect.¬† As for clothing, I was able to find analogues within the huge wardrobe that V4 has that keep her signature wardrobe intact.

At any rate….I hope you like her.¬† Miko is not classically beautiful, but she is striking as all hell…and I hope that she is as distinctive now as she was in her old incarnation.

I know she wouldn’t settle for less.