(So tired)
Welcome to the City of Daressa.

The bane of my existance 😉

The original Daressa strips were written back during the early days of the comic in hotel rooms in Greyling Michigan, Elk Grove Village Illinois, and Brockton Massachusetts from October of 2004 into January of 2005 and were part of a section that introduced House Mebhe, Targeters Company, Marcus Vale, Glass and a number of other notables which also included the Bellisarius Exiles.

God so many sleepless nights in hotel roms putting things together. So much beating my head into the wall. And one of the worst system crashes I ever experieinced in the middle of it all as well.

While other sections still stand up quite well today (including the first introduction of “Those Who Came Before”, the actual comics within Daressa were by far the weakest of the lot in terms of artwork. Done entirely with Poser 5 rendered over the top of Bryce 5 backdrops, lighting and blending were a consistant problem throughout. This time around things were rendered out in Poser with a bit of customized lighting thrown in. And the brightness was boosted quite a bit in order for you to actually see things in the printed edition.

Now it’s a different world. Whereas everything sucked before, and makes me want to remove my eyes with a melon baller just looking at it; now we have a chance to clean things up a bit, And we also have a different way to come into the city. The McAllen family, and Ian get to have the pleasure of being the first to hit the underground.,,,and this time they are actually dressed right for the occasion. The hazmats suits they are wearing are fairly rare little numbers outside of the House Militaries, and it is probably best not to inquire too deeply into how the Explorers Guild managed to get ahold of them. The guns? Well, like in the US, the guns can be found anywhere 😉