May 12, 2011.That was the beginning of the previous chapter, and I never would have believed that so much would have happened in that time.  The story, you know about…other things in RL included three computers (including the newest member of the family, which this chapter piece is its first Requiem appearance), dental surgery, and a literal vanishing off the face of the Earth.

In the middle of all of that was the previous chapter…which I never figured would have went on for so damn LONG.  Ultimately, it just didn’t seem the like the right time to end it.

This next chapter is going to deal a lot with Amena and Abigail…and just why Abigail got the hell out of Dodge.  Some of the readers out there have figured out a few things…but I do have some surprises in store for you all.  Another thing that is on the agenda is a closer look at the City of Zerus, and just why Ishara’s significant other was killed.

At any rate…thanks for being here…and I hope you stay around long enough to see us hit 2500 comics ;)..and a lot more.