November sucked.

I guess that sums it up better than about anything else I can say.  Things have been more than a bit chaotic with things.  Two and a half weeks of being without my work computer (which occurred right in the middle of what I’ve come to call the ‘Four Hotties In a Bar’ sequence) set me back more than a bit.  Not to mention the persistent flu symptoms and inner ear problems that have left me sick to my stomach and generally irritable as all hell.  And if that wasn’t enough to dance with, I’ve been fighting off the first onset of carpal tunnel as well. (Squishy wrist rest mouse pads, and switiching over from a metal watch band to a Nato Strap has helped a hell of a lot.)

Sorry for the general grouchiness on my end, and the chaos that seeped into the creation process as well.  For a while, I was genuinely afraid that the main files (and backups) of the comic were not going to be accessible when my PC went China Syndrome.  Which also helped contribute to my ‘sick stomach’ feeling.

As for what is going on now….DGN is still updating again, and there will be some art gifts on that project…..And I am desperately trying to get next years calendar done….and, and, and, and, and….  Well, you know how it goes.  Things are stil crazy, and I am desperately trying to get my buffer back again.

At any rate, thanks for reading.  I hope you all survive the holiday season coming up, and I’ll try to be a little more vocal in the comments section with what is going on in the future.


Oh, and on a tangential note, the Hamilton Khaki King on a G10 Nato Strap is one of the most comfortable wrist combinations you can get (especially if you wear your watch on the right wrist like I do.) 🙂