A couple of things
1. I just discovered that an old webcomic buddy of mine (Sparky Jones from the Renderosity days) has a site together with both of his comics on it.  I’m, quite frankly, very glad to see it.  I enjoyed them both, and when Comicspace got weird I lost track of his work
You can find them both at ShadeWinter.com Go, read!!! 🙂
2.  Also, stuff keeps appearing a random intervals up on the tumblr blog I’ve got going.  Including a new Ena piece that I just love.  I’ve figured out that most of the artwork that I do (and pretty much all of the stuff that I like the best) are just pieces of one larger story.  I’d kinda forgotten that, and I got out of the habit of just getting that stuff out for the fun of it.  I’ve just been working on tests for things ad-freaking-nauseaum,

Here’s to not forgetting in the future.