Is this thing on?

Things have been quiet here, and I have been doing my very best to duck the TV lately (mainly the political commercials…they just fill me with way too much rage)  God, I wish elections were handled in this country like they are in England.

At any rate;

1.  I have been hooked on the television show ‘Terriers” since it first came out.  It is a great piece of work, and I highly recommend it.

2.  On the science front…has anyone but me seen THIS?

3.  I don’t care what anyone is trying to tell me on this…The Big Bang Theory is not funny.  AT ALL.

4.  If you all loved me, you would find a way to get me THIS for the upcoming holiday season.  For the SCI/FI weapons fan, this is just fun as hell 😉

At any rate, Requiem is covered through the middle of November, and DGN is done through the middle of December.  Oh, and we have a new character being introduced in Requiem in the next week or so.  I think you’ll like her 🙂