I don’t usually spout off about popular culture all that much in these little missives, but I have to say flat out:  If you are not watching Treme, you damn well should be.

Season 1 has just concluded on HBO, and they’re replaying it right now.  Heck, you should be able to catch it on demand as well.  If you don’t have HBO, nab it when they put out the first season on disc.

It is intelligent, heartwarming, smart, funny as hell, and often rage inducing.   The stories and the people in Treme are pulled from the real world with perfect detail. The music is absolutely incredible, and is largely composed of actual live performances.   If you go on the HBO site, and go here, you’ll find each episode broken down, with music lists for each one too 🙂

Khandi Alexander, John Goodman, Steve Zahn, and of course the mighty Wendell Pierce are all awesome.

It comes from the same people who put together The Wire, and is it’s equal in all respects (trust me, I am a huge fan of The Wire.)  You owe it to yourself to see it.

Fuck the Emmys, there is nothing better than Treme on television right now.  And that’s a goddamn fact.