Just a quick status report on things….

1. Thursday and Friday comics are uploaded and are sitting in the que right now.

2. More comics will be tagged/classified over the weekend. I’ve knocked out two years of them so far, hopefully I will make more progress this weekend. When the tagging job is done, then I will be finishing up the cast page and linking all of the cast pictures to the appropriate categories. Click on a person, get every comic they were in. 🙂

3. After that, then things will get classified via storyline. Which will take a while. But will be worth it when it is completed.

4. And I would just like to say that I am seriously loving Comicpress 🙂

and most important of all:

I’d like to say a big hello to all of the new readers that have been joining us in the last few days. Glad to have you here, and I hope you enjoy what you find!