Dragon Girl Noriko has relocated to a new domain and url…


Show it some love 😉


And in other news, I had to ditch the little character picture thingie.  It was causing a freak out on one of the sites comic pages and causing it not to load.  Everything works fine now that is gone….I just think that the indexing involved in it was putting too much strain on things on the back end.  I’m not too surprised actually, Requiem is a bit of a beast….frankly I don’t think that there are any other comics as big as we are (comic quantity-wise) that’s using WordPress/Comicpress.  Something funky is bound to happen.  I know a couple of the shortcode functions have the same problem…but hey, we’re up and running…can’t ask for much more than that 😉


Oh, and work on the 2014 Requiem calendar is almost complete….We have 11 months completed right now…we just have to put together one more month and put together the front cover and we’re done.  Check this space!!!!


And on a totally unrelated note to anything else going on right now….I love these guys.  I love this song, and the album is awesome.  I’ve pretty much been listening to Ice on the Dune repeatedly since it came out…


Oh, and Syntax (one of my favorites) finally has new music out 🙂 It’s made of WIN and all things good 😉