A year ago now, I posted about having problems with my computer and it’s LAN jack. Recently the problems have expanded with me randomly losing sound, and USB connectivity at various times during the day.  From what I can tell, I have something wrong with the board.

I thought it over carefully, and rather than tearing apart the whole thing, replacing the board, and putting the whole thing back together again on a five year old, heavily used workstation…I’d upgrade everything (for the most part)


Right now, I have an i7-8700K and all the sundries in route. Case, power supply, ram, board, the whole shootin’ match. In addition, the processor and board I am getting will let me upgrade to 64gbs of RAM here soon, as well.


It all gets here Wednesday.  I’m doing backups on everything now. I’ll put everything together when it gets here and get it all ironed out.  I’ll keep you all up to date on the situation as it goes.