Yes, it’s vacation time again.


Or, in this case a working vacation.  I have a number of chunks of the City of Erech to rebuild (things that were done on older versions of my 3d software) and these old scene files are not compatible with my current setup.  I still have the 3d assets used to make them (and many more besides)…but I have a good deal of assembling to do. In the meantime I also did some back end changes, and the comic seems to be loading faster now.

But yes it’s vacation time, and after everything that got introduced in the last year…a break sounds like a good idea.

Also, if you look towards the left hand sidebar, you’ll see something new that I added due to reader comments. 🙂

At any rate, we’ll see you in a weeks time with new stuff out on the main streets of Erech.  It’ll be nice to walk them again 🙂