From 2003-2005 there used to be a webcomic out there called ‘The Specialists’ that I quite enjoyed.  It was one of the first 3d webcomics in existence, and the author of the comic and it’s fans were early supporters of Requiem back when we were first starting out.  Then, as it always seems to do, life happened, and The Specialists disappeared from the web (unfortunately before I could archive the series on to CD)

It was an alternate history, modern day spy story…and I liked it a hell of a lot….and I got thinking of it again today when I saw another webcomic surface using the same name.  So, I decided to Google around and see if I could find out anything about what happened with the comic I loved.

Well, I found out the The Specialists has made a return as a series of e-books….and I encourage you all to check them out.

The author page is at

and it’s Facebook is

I am a happy panda 🙂