God, this was the most difficult section of comic I’ve ever had to do. Hell, and I thought the section where Shoreham was killed was a bitch 🙁

The main problem is that I kept on trying to force the story to go in a certain way. Me, and other people seemed to expect some kind of big gun battle with explosions and all of that kind of thing, and I kept on thinking that I had to deliver it. The big problem was, that things didn’t go that way.

When I do these strips, I’m seeing them in my head as things come together. I’m basically matching each frame of comic to a still of what’s going on in my head in that world. And what I kept trying to do, wasn’t what I was seeing in my head. So I ended up with a good number of comics that were discarded; and others that were right, but needed to be reshuffled (and were actually done out of order while I sorted everything out).

The big moral is of course to never force a story.  Every time I do, I get my ass in trouble. Especially when you know what’s coming at the end of a section, and the only way to do it right is to do something you really don’t want to do.

As a little gift to you all, there is an image gallery here that consists of three of the comics that were thrown out…kind of a taste of what almost was, before I came to my senses 😉  Hopefully it’ll let you forgive me for what’s coming.

[nggallery id=3]