One of the hardest things to do is to come back from a break.

Right now, we’re currently in preparations for the comic for March 23rd.  Thank god for a buffer, it actually enabled me to take a minibreak from things while computer issues and such were sorted out (not to mention several software upgrades taking place behind the scenes).  Even with technical work, I’ve been taking time to just relax.  I’ve been catching up on reading (I just reread Y: The Last Man), zoomed through the entire archive of Penny & Aggie (which I have thoroughly gotten hooked on), laughed myself stupid at OGLAF (a web comic, that while funny as hell, is so NSFW) and turned into an Olympics junkie ;).

But it is damn good to be back just the same.  Over the next couple of days, I am going to be going back through comments and taking care of anything I missed and maybe I’ll even babble in the comments section of things again too.  I’ll also be doing some cast page and archive updates as well, and throwing art out there for anybody who wants something cool for their desktop :).

At any rate, hello to all the new arrivals! Welcome to the end of the world 😉